Athens, Greece, October 30, 2013 – a leading European manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) products, today announced the opening of its regional headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The European sales and distribution center is strategically located at Airport Frankfurt Egelsbach.

The regional headquarters will be responsible for expanding RECOM’s local operational capabilities to better service its expanding European customer base. Hamlet Tunyan, Chief Executive Officer of RECOM, said, “In recent years, RECOM has cemented itself as one of the most reliable partners across Europe. This success can be largely attributed to the company’s commitment to ensuring that our customers have a reliable, local support team available.”

“We have also expanded and relocated our technical support and product development team to Germany,” said Stefan F. Wilhelm Holz, Sales Director of Germany.

Premium quality since 2007

Founded in 2007, RECOM Solar has been breaking new ground from the beginning. The firm adopted production strategies from the consumer electronics industry and adapted them successfully for the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules. This allows for high-quality modules to be produced at a low cost. Today, RECOM is the only manufacturer of modules in the world that has zero debt and a positive net profit. This enables the company to be bankable with most, if not all of the banks in the world.

Anti-reflective, completely glare-free modules with a unique design

RECOM uses micro-structured glass with anti-reflective coating in its modules. This enables more diffuse light to be absorbed and significantly increases the efficiency of the modules, allowing them to be completely glare-free. This anti-glare design makes RECOM modules suitable for installation on railway lines, motorways, and airports.

The Black Panther series modules have covered busbars, and their completely black eloxed aluminium frame lend them a unique aesthetic quality. They can therefore be integrated seamlessly on the roofs of apartment buildings.

The highly-efficient Leopard series modules are particularly cost-efficient for the commercial sector, and thus especially interesting for large-scale projects. The polycrystalline modules have already been applied successfully in a number of multi-megawatt projects.

All RECOM modules are subjected periodically to internal and external technical tests as part of RECOM’s quality assurance process. The modules are certified in Europe, US and Asia. Both the Panther and Leopard series have proven to be an extremely reliable solution for investors, users and distributors alike.

The most important facts at a glance

  • RECOM’s new regional headquarters launched its operations at the beginning of October 2013
  • Sales and distribution operations for Europe will now be centralized in Frankfurt, Germany
  • All RECOM modules meet local certification requirements
  • The modules are aesthetically pleasing
  • At -0.39%/°C, the temperature coefficient is lower than current products in the market
  • The modules are made with micro-structured anti-reflection glass making them completely glare-free.

The yield of RECOM modules can be up to 10 percent higher than that of high-quality modules made by other manufacturers.