Powering businesses everywhere

Whether you are a small business owner, own or rent large offices, a manufacturing plant or a warehouse, almost any commercial or industrial enterprise can benefit from solar energy. We also work with real estate investment managers, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust), and developers to help turn under-utilized areas into revenue generating assets. The advantages of going solar are multiple. For example, you can reduce tenancy costs and even create new revenue streams, all without any up-front expense.

RECOM solar panels can be installed on rooftops, in parking areas or vacant spaces which are owned or rented by the business so you can benefit from energy rates which are often substantially lower than commercial power.

We work across the full spectrum of the solar industry with key developers, EPC’s, installers, wholesalers, and distributors from around the world.

Complete solutions for commercial


Engineered to Perform

Our solar modules are carefully designed and engineered using advanced technologies so you can benefit from high levels of performance and affordability.


Financial Services

RECOM will take on “ready-to-build” projects in need of financial support, as well as act as a “one-stop-shop” for the equipment necessary to set up and install a solar plant.


Project Support

We facilitate project implementation with industry-leading specialist advice and support for the construction cycle of PV installations until their connection to the grid – ensuring that the entire project goes smoothly.



Turku, Finland, 1.8 MW


Sparkassen-Arena, Jena, Germany 300KW


Trikala, Greece, 4.4 MW

For more details about RECOM’s commercial projects, please visit our  Projects portfolio.